Who are we?

The Catalyst IP Group is a full-service intellectual property consulting firm, with support branches in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Our interdisciplinary team understands that intellectual property considerations are at the heart of many ventures, and we are eager to address your myriad legal and business development needs.

Our professional expertise covers all aspects of intellectual property, including patent, copyright, trademark, domain name and trade secret law. We also have extensive experience in such areas as licensing, assignment, industrial collaboration, export control compliance and product development. For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@catalystipgroup.com.


the power to promote the progress of science and useful arts


promoting innovation by granting exclusive rights in exchange for disclosure of novel and nonobvious inventions

inventions & designs


promoting creativity and the dissemination of original works of authorship through grants of exclusive rights

creative works


protecting consumers by granting exclusive rights for distinctive indicators of goods, products and services

source identifiers

Our goals

The Catalyst IP Group strives to bolster its clients at each step along their paths to success -- from concept to commerce, and everywhere between. We approach challenges from not only legal perspectives, but business perspectives as well, drawing upon years of industry experience. Our specific goals include:

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